Costa Rica PEID

Strategic Intervention and Development Plan

(hereinafter PEID, for its Spanish acronym).

"A strategic plan for interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary public and private works plans and programs, recognized as an adaptable, flexible, dynamic and inclusive system with an ecosystem approach".

Costa Rica Strategic Intervention and Development Plan

Definition of strategic planning

Strategic city planning is a systematic, creative and participatory process that:

- Lays the foundation for an integrated long-term action.
- Defines the future development model.
- Develops strategies and courses of action to achieve that model.
- Establishes an ongoing decision making system.
- Involves local stakeholders throughout the process.

Main features of strategic planning

1. Systemic approach.
2. Integrated and inter-sectorial perspective.
3. Combination of competitiveness, equality and sustainability.
4. Development of equity.
5. Involvement of local stakeholders.
6. Inter-administrative coordination.
7. Reflection and action oriented mothodology.
8. Innovation in analysis tools.