Development Objectives

Palmas Pacifica Generalities


The proposal aims to produce a housing development aligned with its surroundings, maximizing its benefits in a balanced and sustainable manner.

It additionally fosters a two-way project-site management as opposed to absolute preservation, where goods and services are the integral output of a health ecosystem, not an end.


  • To generate a series of ecological development guidelines to serve as elements of interest and attraction, and identify and relate future "Palmas Pacifica" residents with the amazing resources and benefits of that environment.
  • To encourage future "Palmas Pacifica" residents to become closely acquainted with the natural environment they will soon be living in and act in symbiosis with it, understanding the advantages of the diverse vegetation in the area.
  • To convey to future investors the advantages of living in an impressive natural context with a future first-class economic and social development and a major road infrastructure.
  • To strategically guide national and international interventions in the area under development where municipal and institutional guidelines for the use and management of land and resources are absent.
  • To reactivate site-specific biological corridors through assisted restoration and use of streams, streets and adjacencies as major elements to connect forest patches.